Show the World Your Style With Red Ombre Hair

When it’s time for a change in hair color, there are almost unlimited options you can try. But the popular ombre takes it to a new level. Try red ombre hair and show the world the inner you, whether it be romantic, elegant or edgy. Here are some of the hottest red ombre trends for bold women.

Red Ombre Hair Shows the World Your Style

 Brown Down

Long, brown wavy hair pulls off this sultry look. The ombre fades from the middle of the hair to full red at the tips. Jazz it up a little with a super bright red for a head-turning style.

The Red Head

For a striking look, kick it up with a bright red ombre hair over chestnut brown color. The ombre starts high on the head with deep tones and fades to platinum red at the ends. A super long shag gives this whole look a semi-grunge feel.

Coca Cola

This rich style with eye-catching contrast has dark brunette at the roots and gradually fades to a deep, bright red at the tips. Straight or wavy, this hairdo is sure to knock them out.


For a brilliant look, start with long layers and add in streaks of your favorite red hues. Pink gives you an eye-catching, adventurous color that no one will ever forget.

Patchy Peachy

Great with super-long hair, start with a dark peach at the roots and fade through several shades of peach to a blonde peach at the ends. Make sure the color to fades from different spots on the hair for a powerful depth and radiant look.

Red Excess

Brighten your locks with a potent blend of reds. Start with a sensuous red and gradually fade to a dark red at the tips. Express yourself with this intriguing look with gorgeous, deep red tresses.

 Red Neck

Get a pumped up red-head hairdo. Start with an all-over deep red color and fade to darker, plum red highlights to the ends. This adds warmth to your look and will make you positively glow.

Layer Cake

Start with layered hair with a medium-red brown color. Ombre streaks of red-blond naturally placed in the middle of your hair fading to the tips gives you a sensational style.


Sea Red

For this look, wavy tresses start with a dark brown all-over color. Add a deep auburn red starting in the middle of the hair pulled to the ends. This compelling look will have the whole crowd looking at you.

Red Hot

Red hair warms the coldest day and this style is no exception. Start with reddish brown hair and black roots. From the top third of the head, gradually fade a bright pinkish-red to the roots. This stunning style shows the world your fun side.

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