10 Jewelry Making Ideas Using Beads and Wires

If you are into jewelry making or you are trying to start beads and jewelry making, then you probably know how difficult it can be to find inspiration for new pieces. There are so many wire types and bead shapes, and it can be difficult to come up with ideas for new earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with these different types. However, there is inspiration if you know where to look. In fact, we’ve got ten incredible ideas for making various jewelry pieces using beads and wire. Here is what you need to know.


  • Marble and Detailed Necklace


This jewelry idea is full of life and beauty, and when worn around the neck, it can be a statement piece without being over the top. To make a necklace like this, you will need a round bead or a marble that is colorful. Next, you will take some thin jewelry wire, curling it in various shapes in small pieces. Then, you can connect the pieces together until they form a sort of cage. Add the bead, and close off with more wire. Add a chain for wearing around the neck.

  1.   Ornate Tree Wire Necklace

This necklace charm is beautiful for all sorts of reasons. It has a tree with spread roots and limbs, and various beads can be added to make each tree unique. This charm is easy to make with jewelry wire. Simply wrap wire until it resembles a tree, leaving several spread options on the bottom and the top. Then, wrap the loose wires around a round wire ring made with thicker wire, adding the beads while you work. Add a chain for wearing as a necklace.

  1.   Flower Earrings

These flower earrings are colorful and ornate at the same time. To make them yourself, you simply grab some thin jewelry wire for the details, adding various beads to create flower stems and petals. Create an oval shape with thicker wire, connecting the details by wrapping the thin wire around the oval. You can add earring hooks to the top for wearing in the earlobes.

  1.   Dragonfly Earrings

By taking a piece of thin jewelry wire, you can create a simple, yet elegant look for your ears. Taking that same wire, bend it with your tool until the bottom is wavy like. Next, add a few beads, being sure to tie them off correctly. After adding two beads, stop to leave room for the wings. You will take two pieces of wire the same size, making a loop on either side with one piece. Add a second set of wings and tie off with another bead. Add earring hooks for wearing.

  1.   Christmas Tree Earrings

It is easy to get a great Christmas look with jewelry wire and beads. Simply take some green wire, making several swooping loops, starting off wide and ending small, until the flourish looks like a tree. Next, take two pieces of silver wire, add one bead to one piece and several to the other. Tie them off and attach them to the tree. Add an earring hook at the end.

  1.    Bead Cluster Necklace

This necklace charm is gorgeous in so many ways. It is a statement piece that really pops when it is worn. You can start by choosing beads of several colors or one solid color. Grab your wire and start adding beads until you can make a circle. Make several small circles, connecting them with more wire until you have a cluster. String a necklace chain or string through the cluster to wear.

  1.    Delicate Bead Earrings

These earrings are small but beautiful, and they are simple to make as well. Grab some thin jewelry wire, making it a short length. Grab some of your favorite beads, stacking them in various ways on the wire, being sure to tie off the bottom and top. Add earring hooks for wearing.

  1.    Ear Cuff with Delicate Beads

This jewelry making option is both gorgeous, ornate, and difficult at the same time. You will need sterling silver wire in a fairly long length. Begin bending and curling the wire in the way you want, adding beads here and there of a small size. Finish off by making a cuff-type top for wearing on the ear as decorative jewelry.

  1.    Simple Tie Cross Necklace

Since many people love crosses, this delicate necklace is a great option. It is simple to make as well. Grab some of your favorite wire and bend it in half. Next, take one side of the wire, make a loop, and fold the wire under the opposite wire. Do the same on the other side to make two loops on either side. Your loops should tie and make a simple cross. Add necklace string or a chain for wearing.

  1.  Delicate Bracelet

If you want a delicate bracelet option, this beads and jewelry making idea is perfect. Grab some of your favorite pearls and wire rounds and connect two with two other around like a chain.  Next, add your pearl bead in between two of the rounds, making sure to have a round on either side and one on the top and bottom. Add another two round to connect the first, adding to the chain. Continue around until you have the length you want, connecting them with a bracelet hook for wearing.

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