Essential tips for the contact lenses wearer to get beautiful eyes

You could be a lenses wearer for past several years, or you could have just switched the glasses with the lens. Whatever is the case, you need to know the tips that can help you enhance the beauty of our eyes with the lens. You might need to learn some basic makeup tips as well as so that you get a perfect makeup and get less frustrated with the application of powder with the lens.

Some essential tips for eye make up with contact lens

Women are often seen curious to get the answers to such questions as when can I wear makeup with the lens? Do eyelashes grow back when you put on the glass? These are the best makeup tips for the lens wearers that will make the makeup less frustrating and least risky.

  1. First and the foremost thing to do is to clean your hands and your make up tools. Cleanlinessis an essential factor to consider when you are about to touch the skin around your eyes. The cleaner the hands and tools would be, the better would be the chances to have a perfect makeup with no risk to the eyes. Try not to share your make up tools with anyone else to keep out of any risk.
  2. Whenever you are about to apply makeup, make sure to wear the lens before starting. It is an essential tip to keep you away from any infections and will help you see well.
  3. Choose your mascara with great care as every mascara does not go well with the lens. First, you must check that the mascara is oil free as oily mascaras mess up with the lenses. Secondly, check that the mascara is waterproof so it won’t go smudging the lens. The third is to check for the mascara is not made up of beautiful fibers as the fibers fall a lot and create debris at the lens.
  4. When you apply the eye colors, make sure to go for the ones that have cream in them. It helps remove the risk of any fallen powder over the lens. We do not ask you to stop using the eye shades, but the creamy is a better option since it does not involve any risk.
  5. When it comes to the eyeliners, limit the eyeliner to the upper lid only. The inner cover and the lower lid eyeliner gets strictly forbidden for the contact lens. These can easily cause infection in the eye, and you should try to avoid it as much as possible.
  6. Most of the women prefer to use loose powder to finish the makeup to avoid any oily skin later. If you too are a fan of loose powder, this time chooses for a pressed one so that you do not get flying powder falling in your eyes and can avoid any infection in the eyes.

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